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Powering High-Performing Companies 
with Mission-Critical Software

Since 2003, we have partnered with notable companies worldwide as they journey towards digital transformation. Our software products are critical and practical, playing a vital role in our partners' success.

8M+ Lines of

Mission-Critical Code

3M+ Users

48 Countries

12 Industries

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What we do


Our expertise

15+ years of experience with worldwide companies have given us the knowledge and expertise to build mission-critical products that make businesses work quickly and efficiently. We're constantly innovating to push our products 10x further and protect humanity's health and safety. We only use the best tools to get the job done right!


High-Performance Staff Rostering

We help scheduling-critical industries optimize their Workforce Scheduling with SkyRoster. Battle-tested on Air Traffic Controllers Rostering, it integrates every planning and scheduling process into a one-stop-shop scheduling platform. For enhanced visibility and control over the entire workforce process.


Our approach

Organizing in small and empowered teams allows us to solve hard problems with the proper tools. By delivering small pieces of working code, integrating users' feedback, and iterating until every line of code finds its true purpose, we can make our lives better, safer, and healthier.

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Trusted by

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Why choose JLG?

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Certified to deliver Excellence

We have been building mission-critical software for so many years that it has become a reflex. Now we are using the principles we've mastered in every new project we take - from design to delivery.

The certification of ISO 9001 allows us to ensure that we are constantly working to reduce mistakes and enhance communication to provide only the highest quality standards.

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Trusted partner of European Agencies

EUROCONTROL (European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation) and EMSA (The European Maritime Safety Agency) entrusted JLG to build and maintain their Safety Investigation web platforms. ​JLG developers support INDRA in building and deploying its next-generation Controllers Working Position software. 

​70% of European Air Navigation Service Providers report and investigate their Air Navigation Safety Incidents using products developed by our engineers. If you are traveling by plane or sea, you most probably benefit from software built by JLG.

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Our products

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Successful stories

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Since 2014 the DFS (Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH) has successfully implemented and incorporated the application of TOKAI with the help of JLG and EUROCONTROL, mainly in the scope of the "occurrence investigation process". The TOKAI data gathering, RAT, and report generator module is used daily to satisfy the investigators' needs and corporate safety management. In addition, DFS has expanded the use of TOKAI in complying with the Framework of the regulation (EU) 376/2014 in combination with the implementing rule (EU) 2015/1018. Currently, DFS is using the TOKAI web interface to exchange event and occurrence data with DFS based daily log system. TOKAI is subject to continuous enhancements determined by the "Safety Management User Group and Change Control Board" (SMTUG/CCB) according to the agreed terms of references. With the outstanding, excellent support of the TOKAI developer JLG and EUROCONTROL, required improvement solutions are provided, and software-based problems are always resolved. Considering the vast capabilities, the utilization of TOKAI pursues and strives to suit the needs of the ANSP environment.

Sharam ETMINAN, DFS (Germany), Corporate Safety Management

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Build mission-critical software with us

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If you want to automate your roster or digitize your company, our mission-critical software products can help you achieve those goals.

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If you're looking to up your game and become a junior developer who can design, build, deploy, and maintain mission-critical software, JLG Academy is the place for you.

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