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Who we are

Dive into the Essence of JLG Consulting

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Passion Fueled

In 2003, in the heart of Bucharest, Romania, we launched our mission: a compact yet ambitious software development and consultancy venture, crafted specifically for the Aviation Industry.

Two decades on, with millions of lines of code to our name, our commitment to excellence hasn’t wavered. We’re passionately building on our legacy, fueled by the same fervent dedication that sparked our journey.

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People-First Approach

We get it—people are the heartbeat of our company, and honestly, of every company out there. That’s why we’re all about tackling the tough stuff and genuinely helping our customers, all while sticking to what we believe in. This way of doing things shows how much we value excellence and, more importantly, how much we value our team’s role in getting us there. With a strong dose of integrity, a sprinkle of innovation, and a big helping of teamwork, we're on this journey together to make a real impact.

Energetic Commitment

We embrace the "work hard, play harder" philosophy, dedicating ourselves to excellence while ensuring our team enjoys every moment. This commitment allows us to deliver outstanding services within a positive and dynamic environment.

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Our Values


Our dedication to innovation shapes everything we do, compelling us to develop products that aren't just slightly better, but ten times more effective than the closest alternatives. It's a value that champions curiosity, creativity, and the boldness to break new ground, all underpinned by steadfast effort. This commitment doesn't just drive us forward; it ensures the health and safety of people are at the forefront of our progress.


Innovation places us at a pivotal moment: our technology can either elevate humanity or set us back. With every line of code, we embed accountability—choosing progress while prioritizing durability, safety, and ethics. Aware that our creations form the legacy we leave behind, we're committed to solutions that address today's challenges responsibly. Let's forge a future that earns the pride of generations to come.

Growing together

We're convinced that life is not a zero-sum game. Success for one doesn't have to mean a setback for another. Embracing "Growing Together" as one of our core values, our culture of innovation crafts technology with accountability, fostering an environment where we can all thrive and evolve together. By sharing our knowledge and uplifting those around us, we believe that raising others elevates us all, enabling us to pass a meaningful legacy to future generations.

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Our Mission

We leverage our expertise and empathy to equip high-performing companies with critical software, safeguarding humanity's most precious assets—health and safety.

Be Part of Our Team

Embrace a role where hard work meets fun, creativity, and unity. We're all about excellence and vibrant teamwork. Interested in making a difference?

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