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We design, build and scale
high-throughput, low-latency,
mission-critical software products

UX/UI Design

We start by intimately understanding the needs of our users, conceptualizing, repeating, and applying user-friendly design. Amongst the tools we use are wireframes and interactive user maps to deliver a responsive design and an enriched user experience.

Product Mangement

We want to understand the needs from a business viewpoint, plan, estimate, and develop dynamic sprints that allow us to meet the project's goals - before writing a single line of code. We work hard to reduce time-to-market and ensure that the most important features are delivering added value to our customers.

Software Development

We design, build, deploy and support the full range of software products - from staff scheduling mobile and web applications to Air Traffic Control Web Simulators and Safety Management Systems, implementing software on-demand or comprehensive Digital Transformation projects.


We can develop durable environments that scale depending on the load. Continuous integration, frequent deployments, logging, error handling, alerting systems, and environment automation are our best friends.


Leveraging our extensive experience developing safety-critical software to deliver innovative technology that provides a competitive advantage, freedom of business model and market differentiation to our clients.

We use the right tools for the job

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