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The Tool Kit for ATM Occurrence Investigation is the main tool to collect and analyse the occurrence reports from Airlines and ANSPs in the Network Manager.

One-stop Shop Reporting & Investigation Suite

TOKAI, developed for EUROCONTROL, is the definitive reporting and investigation platform designed to fulfill legal mandates. With advanced statistical analysis features for comprehensive reporting, it serves as the cornerstone of any Air Navigation Service Provider's Safety Management System (SMS). This essential tool streamlines aviation safety efforts, facilitating secure and efficient airspace management.


EU 376/2014 & EU 390/2014 Compliant

TOKAI empowers European air traffic service providers, and several beyond, to seamlessly oversee the entire safety incident lifecycle—from notification and investigation to documentation, analysis, and both internal and external reporting. Additionally, TOKAI ensures automatic compliance with key EU Regulations, specifically Regulation No 376/2014 on civil aviation occurrences reporting and Regulation No 390/2014 on performance standards.

Risk Analysis Tool

The Risk Analysis Tool (RAT) efficiently identifies and categorizes safety incidents within Air Traffic Management, focusing on both operational and technical events. Seamlessly integrated into TOKAI, RAT ensures smarter, safer skies by pinpointing potential risks before they escalate.

60+ ANSPs worldwide

Our European customers include DFS, ENAV, Austro Control, NAVIAIR, ENAIRE, Belgocontrol, MALTA ATS and FerroNATS, NATS and more. Globally, TOKAI is used by ATNS South Africa, Airways NZ, CAAS Singapore and AEROTHAI Thailand. The FAA has been a contributor and tester, but uses a version of their own.

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