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European Maritime Safety Agency's Platform
for the Reporting and Investigation of Safety Incidents

Elastic Database

The EMCIP (European Marine Casualty Information Platform) is designed to enhance maritime safety by efficiently managing and analyzing data on ship casualties and occupational accidents. This platform facilitates the collection, storage, and processing of crucial information, helping to prevent future incidents and improve safety standards across the maritime industry.

European-wide Access

Authorities from Member States populate the EMCIP database, playing a key role as data providers. The platform supports these authorities by streamlining their reporting, notification, and search efforts, and assists in the preparatory phases of safety investigations. This collaborative structure strengthens maritime safety by ensuring efficient and comprehensive data management.


Centralized Management

EMSA oversees the system, ensuring that data submitted are reviewed and verified before being officially recorded. This process guarantees the integrity and reliability of the information stored.

Installed at EMSA HQ in Lisbon, EMCIP platform is used by more than 20 other units to report, store and investigate ship casualties.

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