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The high-performance monitoring and replaying tool used to detect, collect and analyze safety events.

Data collection from radar tracks

The ASMT is the unique EUROCONTROL tool for the detection, storage and analysis of ATM-related events with potential relevance for safety. For each detected event, that can be an ATM-related safety occurrence in defined airspace, ASMT records multiple data on a dedicated server, from which it is possible to extract and review them, through radar tracks, flight plans and safety nets data.


The ASMT Human Machine Interface (HMI) offers a powerful tool for visualizing and understanding air traffic events, with the ability to replay flight paths and radar data for thorough analysis. Its built-in statistical analysis module simplifies data examination, while the option to export data in versatile formats caters to more complex analytical needs using external tools. Importantly, the system ensures confidentiality through data anonymization, prioritizing the privacy of individuals involved and underscoring its commitment to safety and security.

Safety Usecases

Several Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) across Europe are leveraging ASMT to streamline operations and elevate safety standards, offering:

  • Safety monitoring and safety performance: Enhancing real-time oversight and long-term safety outcomes.

  • Analysis of technical issues: Facilitating quick identification and resolution of system and equipment challenges.

  • Analysis of undesired events: Allowing comprehensive examination to prevent future occurrences.

  • Training support: Improving training efficiency with accurate, real-world data simulations.

  • Support to validation of operational concepts: Ensuring new operational strategies are both effective and safe before implementation.

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