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The high-performance monitoring and replaying tool used to detect, collect and analyze safety events.

Data collection from radar tracks

The ASMT is the unique EUROCONTROL tool for the detection, storage and analysis of ATM-related events with potential relevance for safety. For each detected event, that can be an ATM-related safety occurrence in defined airspace, ASMT records multiple data on a dedicated server, from which it is possible to extract and review them, through radar tracks, flight plans and safety nets data.



The ASMT Human Machine Interface (HMI) can then be used to retrieve and replay the occurrence information, including flight plans and radar track data of involved aircraft. The ASMT also offers a module for simple statistical analyses. However, data can be queried and exported into formats that allow the use of third-party statistical tools, in case more advanced analysis should be needed. Data can be de-identified in order to keep identity of involved personnel undisclosed.


Safety Usecases

Several ANSPs throughout Europe are using ASMT for:

  • Safety monitoring and safety performance;

  • Analysis of technical issues;

  • Analysis of undesired events;

  • Training support;

  • Support to validation of operational concepts.

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