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A new approach to safety, based on the evaluation of ATM performances, integrating the principles of a Multicriteria Decision Making methodology.

Blending multiple data streams

APF (Aerospace Performance Factors) leverages the concept of taking multiple streams of operational data, ideally system performance or safety data and creating a graphical “translation tool” for the safety managers. It uses powerful data mining techniques in order to translate the organization mind-map into dynamic data cubes, with unlimited facts and dimensions. There are multiple directions available to search for performance data and the scenario analysis or variant analysis is the representation of the presumed variation of the APF index for a number of future time intervals.



APF is a tool that can be connected to TOKAI and allows each of its users to create What-if analysis and very enhanced statistics based on the causal and explanatory incident and accident factors.


One tool, unlimited possibilities

Data related to different ATM events can be combined (and weighted) to define a global
index of safety. Trend and threshold analysis can identify a general level of safety, according to the scope of the study (local airports, regional, entire organization). 


Powering growth

The ESARR 2 APF is a tool to evaluate past events and fuel an always improving Organisation.  

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