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All-in-One Staff Rostering Automation Platform for 24/7 Constraint-Critical Industries

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Paperless HR Management

SkyRoster's HR Management feature is designed to bring significant advantages to your business by simplifying and digitizing HR tasks. With a focus on eliminating paper-based systems, it enhances efficiency, secures data management, and streamlines employee and organizational management. This approach not only saves time but also fosters a more organized and responsive HR department, directly benefiting clients with smoother operations and improved HR workflow efficiency.

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Competency Management

SkyRoster's Advanced Competency Management feature transforms the way organisations handle employee skills and certifications. It automates compliance with ICAO and EU ATCO license regulations, provides automatic reminders for expiring qualifications, and facilitates easy management of licenses and qualifications. This feature ensures the right employees are assigned to the appropriate shifts, enhancing operational efficiency and compliance, and allowing businesses to focus more on strategic goals rather than administrative tasks.

Leave Management Simplified

SkyRoster's Leave Management enhances the way organisations manage time-off by providing tools for easy tracking of leave balances and offering real-time updates on employee availability. It simplifies the leave process, ensuring operational efficiency and a transparent, equitable system for both managers and employees. This focus on streamlining leave management allows teams to concentrate on their primary goals with greater clarity and less administrative burden.

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Workforce Demand Planning

SkyRoster's Workforce Demand Planning feature focuses on streamlining your workforce planning to enhance work efficiency and flow. It optimises workload based on qualifications and simplifies the process through automation. This tool is tailored to balance air traffic demand with airspace capacity, ensuring optimal, safe, and efficient airspace use. It allows for the creation of sector configurations, assignment of working positions to sectors based on qualifications, and continuous optimisation of the demand plan, optimising manpower balance with workload and monitoring workforce demand fluctuations.

Automated Rostering with AI-based optimisation algorithms

SkyRoster's Automated Rostering employs AI-based optimisation algorithms to streamline shift scheduling, enhancing efficiency and workforce management. By intelligently assigning shifts and allowing for real-time adjustments, it minimises scheduling conflicts and errors. This system supports operational needs by ensuring shifts are filled based on employee availability and qualifications, leading to increased satisfaction and reduced costs. The platform offers functionalities like custom shift types, dynamic manpower requirements, and on-call shift management, all designed to optimise scheduling and make shift management more effective.

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Automated Tactical Rostering

SkyRoster's Tactical Rostering system enhances scheduling efficiency by intelligently assigning shifts and conducting real-time conflict checks to minimize overlaps and errors. This advanced feature ensures optimal shift allocation in line with staff availability and skills, significantly boosting workforce management and operational effectiveness. It's designed to make shift planning more dynamic, adaptable, and less prone to manual errors, thus improving both the workflow and satisfaction levels across the board.

Personalised Workspace

It adapts to different organizational roles, offering custom dashboards, personal calendars for schedule management, and summaries for tracking time off and allowances. It's built to simplify and organize work and leave management, enhancing user experience.

Integrated Reporting

This feature provides real-time insights for managing costs and making decisions. With a customisable report builder for shifts, leave, and more, plus visual data presentation, it streamlines reporting, enhances team performance analysis, and supports data export for comprehensive reviews.

SkyRoster Mobile App

It offers streamlined workforce management for iOS and Android, featuring on-the-go leave and duty requests, real-time schedule tracking, vacation balance checks, and status updates. It simplifies approval processes and qualification tracking for managers, enhancing communication and operational efficiency.

Practical System Configuration

This feature enables tailored adjustments across system settings, including customisable roles, permissions, notifications, and operational parameters like time zones and holidays. This ensures seamless alignment with any organisational setup, boosting both usability and oversight.

Leading Benefits

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Enhanced Operational Efficiency

SkyRoster ensures a precise match between the number of staff and operational demands, significantly reducing unwanted overtime and turnover. This strategic scheduling results in a more content and stable workforce, pivotal for critical 24/7 operations.

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Cost Savings

By optimising staff allocation, SkyRoster not only improves operational effectiveness but also significantly cuts labour costs. Avoiding both understaffing and overstaffing means resources are used more efficiently, leading to considerable financial benefits.

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Employee Well-being Focus

SkyRoster places a high priority on the health and well-being of the workforce, crucial for maintaining safety and supporting sustainable careers in high-stakes environments. Controlling and minimising fatigue and aligning rosters with workers' preferences lead to a healthier, more motivated team.


Safety and Satisfaction

A workforce that is healthier, less fatigued, and whose scheduling preferences are respected is more alert and efficient. This not only elevates safety standards but also boosts employee satisfaction and retention, creating a virtuous cycle that benefits the entire organisation.

SkyRoster masters the art of 24/7 shift planning.
Pick your industry and easily create balanced schedules for your team.


SkyRoster for Air Traffic Control

SkyRoster streamlines scheduling for the Air Traffic Control industry by creating conflict-free rosters that honor qualifications and promote equitable workload distribution. This efficiency reduces time spent on administrative tasks and provides real-time insights for swift adaptation to operational changes, ensuring accurate and fair scheduling for ATCOs.

How Can Rostering Automation Transform 24/7 Workforce Scheduling?

Discover the transition to rostering automation, aiming for cost efficiency, operational improvement, and better employee satisfaction across various sectors, with a focus on Air Traffic Control. Understand how automation brings flexibility and modernisation to scheduling practices.


Automated Shift Allocation with Real-Time Conflict-Checking

SkyRoster streamlines scheduling by intelligently assigning shifts, while its real-time conflict-checking ensures that overlaps and scheduling errors are minimized. This system not only enhances efficiency but also significantly improves workforce management by ensuring optimal shift distribution aligned with employee availability and qualifications.


Staff Rostering Optimisation for every Scheduling-Critical Industry

Air Traffic Control



Healthcare Providers

Police Forces


Assembly Lines

Nuclear Power Plants

Fire & Rescue

Coast Guards

High-Performance Scheduling

SkyRoster's innovative architecture, featuring a modular design and the ability for plugin-based enhancements, ensures superior performance compared to traditional manual or partially automated scheduling solutions. This advantage is particularly evident in industries that are critical to scheduling and operate around the clock, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Short and Long-Term Planning

SkyRoster transforms workforce management, enabling seamless transition from strategic staffing plans to daily scheduling and instant adjustments. This empowers businesses to prioritize and safeguard their workforce, enhancing both efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Customisable Dashboard

SkyRoster is designed to empower users with an intuitive platform for monitoring essential data, streamlining the oversight of workforce scheduling and operations through a customized view to meet each user's unique needs.


Integrated Leave Management

SkyRoster automates and simplifies time-off processes, offering benefits such as easy tracking of leave balances, real-time updates on employee availability. This enhances operational efficiency and ensures a transparent, fair leave system for both managers and employees.

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