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Change or start your career path with us!

JLG Academy: Change or start your career path

JLG Academy has been committed to students for three editions. Starting with the fourth edition, we also focus our academy on people who want to change careers and become software developers.


This program is designed for people ready to embark on fulfilling careers and achieve their professional goals. With experienced trainers and a supportive community, you'll have everything you need to succeed. So if you're ready for a change, we're here to help you make it happen.

What is the JLG Academy?

It's a high-intensity training with the ultimate goal of turning eager learners with minimum or no programming experience into full-time junior developers in 3 to 6 months. 

We know it's a tall order, but we think it's achievable. We've streamlined the curriculum as much as possible.


Our trainers have sharp instincts and good eyes to recognize talent. But most importantly, they've mastered the skills to teach and inspire a growth mindset. So it might not be that impossible, after all.

Why JLG Academy?

  • We offer training for free. So, if this is not for you, the most you will lose is your time. Other similar training programs cost ~1900 EUR.

  • It's super-optimized to get you to a Junior Developer level in 3 to 6 months (other programs take from 6 to 12 months).

  • Most importantly: if you finish your training program and pass the final exam, you will receive a work offer as a full-time employee in our company.

  • The classes take place at our office, so you will get to know your future work colleagues and get a taste of the working atmosphere before joining the company as a full-time employee.


We treat our students the same as we treat our colleagues: with trust, empowerment and transparency. We encourage autonomy and initiative. We value loyalty and deep dedication to our lifetime goal: powering high-performing companies with mission-critical software needed to make the lives of millions of people better, safer & healthier. Let's talk if you feel it might be a good fit for you. We might get to change the world together.


What people say

Mihaela Caravețeanu

For me, the JLG ACADEMY experience was another important step in the field of programming. Beginner, inexperienced, but eager to learn, I applied for the training program supported by JLG and that was the coolest and bravest thing I did.

Răzvan Costache

I enjoy the academy a lot. It simply has all the ingredients of a comprehensive experience: the information taught is very interesting and there are friendly people ready to help you anytime. I also appreciate the fact that we were introduced a little bit in the company's culture.

Andrei Popa

I recommend this training course to anyone looking to get into programming.


Our trainer was very patient and answered all of our questions whenever he introduced a new subject for us to fully understand it. Moreover, we had the chance to put into practice our knowledge working on a complex project.

How does it work?

Ideally, you have a strong desire to become a top Software Developer.


You can apply to the JLG Academy training program by filling the form on this page or emailing your CV at Our colleague from HR will get in touch with you to schedule the initial interview and invite you to our office for the first talk (TIP: we look for people who are extremely motivated to learn and build products that make an impact. Make sure you emphasize your ambitions at the interview).


After you pass the initial interview, you are onboarded in one of the training groups and you will start the courses in the next session. 


At the end of the training program, you can expect to be ready to work on your first tasks in a real project, in close coordination with your team.

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