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JLG Consulting Entrusted with EUROCONTROL's Safety Tools Development and Support for +5 Years

Every successful company has a great story behind it. We are still writing ours. One of the chapters that framed JLG Consulting's success story is anchored in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, when we signed the first contract with EUROCONTROL. During the last almost 15 years, our company worked hard to strengthen this business relationship by building products that deliver real value to their users. This paved the way to becoming a long-term trusted development partner for EUROCONTROL.

Our innovation culture and hard work were acknowledged and appreciated to their utmost value once again in Q1 this year when EUROCONTROL entrusted JLG Consulting with a series of contracts for continuing the development and technical support of the Automated Safety Monitoring Tool (ASMT) and eTokai. Therefore, in the next 5 years, we will be writing a new page in the global success story of EUROCONTROL's Safety Tools. Our engineers will work with EUROCONTROL to develop the best-in-class ATM safety monitoring and investigation toolkit, upgrading the experience of the 90+ ANSPs and Competent Authorities that are using these products around the globe.

Our first contribution to the Safety Tools started in 2009, with the complete re-engineering of ASMT on a new architecture, allowing it to scale and absorb the traffic increases forecasted for the next decade. ASMT analyses the traffic situation from the radar data tracks, detecting many safety events like SMIs, TCAS, STCAs, and plots the incident recordings on a web HMI for in-depth analysis and investigation.

Later on, in 2011, we started to work on another module, the Risk Analysis Tool, migrating the business logic of the RAT methodology developed by EUROCONTROL from an Excel file to a modern web application that was much easier to use, deploy and maintain.

The success of the RAT tool sparked a productive momentum both for EUROCONTROL and JLG Consulting. Soon after, the eTokai safety occurrence reporting and investigation toolkit was born in a new digital body, designed and engineered by our development center in Bucharest. With its brilliant Product Management and long-term winning strategy, EUROCONTROL managed to grow eTokai as the undisputed market leader of its space, becoming the preferred way of managing the entire safety investigation process in many ASNPs in Europe and around the world.

Last but certainly not least, the Aerospace Performance Factors, the youngest member of the ECTRL Safety Tools, took its rightful place in our development portfolio. APF transforms the organisation's mind-map into dynamic data cubes with unlimited facts and dimensions, therefore enabling decision-makers in ANSPs to optimise overall systems performance using different data mining techniques.

During the next 5 years, our company will focus its development efforts on designing an even better integration between these individual tools and offering a seamless safety reporting and investigation experience to ANSPs opting for the full EUROCONTROL Safety Tools package. Besides the development expertise, we are committed to nurturing the partnership with EUROCONTROL and supporting aviation's future evolution and strategic orientations. On European skies and around the world.

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